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Who’s Niki Lauda’s Wife?


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Niki Lauda was an ex- Formula One (F1) driver from Austria. He was the winner of the three F1 Grand Prix world championships in 1975, 1977, in 1984, and 1975). The latter two were especially impressive, since he took them following a devastating crash at the year 1976 at the German Grand Prix where he was badly burned and nearly died. He was champion of the two top-performing constructors that is Ferrari as well as McLaren as well as being the sole racer in F1 history to have achieved this distinction. In addition, he’s an entrepreneur in the aviation industry and the creator of three airlines namely Lauda Air Niki that is Lauda. Who’s Niki Lauda’s Wife? He also served as an ambassador for Bombardier Business Aircraft and a consultant for Scuderia Ferrari. In the past, he directed the Jaguar FormulaOne race team. In the latter part of his career the team was an expert on German television on Grand Prix weekends and was Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motor’s acting non-executive chairman. it was his 10% stake. Lauda passed away aged 70 on the 20th of May, 2019, following a spell of illness.

Who’s Niki Lauda’s spouse?

Birgit Wetzinger was an experienced flight attendant who was Niki Lauda’s wife second. Her birthplace is Vienna, Austria, she began her career as a flight attendant after graduating and holds a diploma in Aviation from the local university. According to different sources, she has an undergraduate diploma with a major in Hospitality and Management. Wetzinger was an air staff member for Lauda Airlines before marrying Niki Lauda. She is known for her relatively low-key lifestyle, and isn’t connected to any social media platform.

Which is Birgit Wetzinger’s height and age?

Birgit was born March 4th, 1979 and is now age 42. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches.

Is Birgit Wetzinger’s Net Worth?

According to some reports, the actress is reported to have an estimated wealth of $3.5 million.

What exactly does Birgit Wetzinger have to do to earn a livelihood?

Birgit Wetzinger was a flight attendant working for Niki Lauda’s airline firm, Lauda Airlines. It was through Lauda Airlines that the couple first met. The sources don’t provide any additional specifics about Wetzinger’s work.

What happened when Niki get to know Birgit?

In the course of his airlines company that Niki first got to know Birgit in the airline business, where she was employed as an airline attendant. In 2004, the couple began to date. They were both of a different age by 30 years. About a year later, in 2005, when Birgit as well as Niki were in a relationship, he had a serious kidney problem. They were only dating for eight months when Birgit at the time, who was 26 years old, was able to donate one of her kidneys in order to save Niki’s existence, showing that she loved him in spite of. It was fortunate that the two were matched and the transplant went well. Prior to the transplant, Niki had suffered from kidney problem in 1997 and was given a kidney from the brother Florian.

How long has Niki Lauda’s marriage with Birgit Wetzinger?

Niki and Birgit were married in 2008 when they got married. This was the second wedding for Niki. The first wedding was with Marlene Knaus in 1976. The couple split within 15 years. This means that Niki and Birgit were together for 11 years before Niki’s passing in 2019.

What was the age of Birgit Wetzinger at the time she was pregnant with twins?

After their wedding, one year later, Birgit gave birth to twins Max and Mia. She was thirty years old.

How many children are there? Niki as well as Birgit Have?

Niki along with Birgit share two daughters twins Max and Mia. Through his previous marriage with Marlene the couple had two sons: Mathias as well as Lukas. Mathias is also a race car driver just like his father who races with Aston Martin while Lukas is his manager. Niki also had an son named Christoph who was the result of an extramarital affair. The marriage took place in 2008. the then 59-year old Niki and wed the 29-year-old Birgit in 2008, three years following Niki’s transplant in an unofficial ceremony. The ceremony lasted only seven minutes. In a conversation about his kidney transplant Niki spoke the world that he might not be alive today without her. The couple were happily married for 10 years before Niki Lauda died on the 20th of May in 2019. The funeral was held after an elaborate funeral with stars in Vienna after which Birgit set an athletic helmet on her spouse’s coffin.age was Marlene.

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