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William Shakespeare’s PS2 coins


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Your spare change may be worth more than you’d think in the event that it’s an uncommon coin. Rare William Shakespeare’s PS2 coins are selling for hundreds of pounds on eBay after it was revealed that some of them could have issues with the minting process, making the coins valuable.

In the last month, collectors of coins have been selling what appears as rare PS2 Shakespeare error coins for hundreds of pounds in the online marketplace.

It’s part of a set consisting of 3 Shakespeare PS2 coins dubbed Tragedies, Comedies and Histories that were issued by the Royal Mint in 2016 to celebrate an anniversary that was 400 years old death of Shakespeare’s renowned playwright.

The coin with the alleged mistake on it is called The Tragedies PS2, which has a the skull and rose design as a reference to Shakespeare’s plays on tragic relationships.

Some coins are more valuable in the eyes of collectors that their value in cash. This means that you could be able sell them for more money.

What is the value of William Shakespeare PS2 coins worth?

According to Coinhunter according to Coinhunter, the range of prices for a mint condition circulated example of the history Coin is PS2.92 to PS3.13 through eBay.

There is a possibility of getting an amount between PS3.59 or PS4.02 for the comedy coin, and the anticipated selling price for a tragIt may not be worth it to sell the PS2 coin at such a price for a tiny profit However, if you’ve got the error version that is special which is available, it could fetch much more.

A few of Shakespeare’s dramas PS2 coins were made by mistake that has previously been auctioned for up to PS40.

If you want to determine if you’ve an incorrect coin, take an in-depth look at the writing on its edge.

It is supposed to be read “what a piece of work is a man”, however, some prefer “for King and country” from the 2016 Army First World War centenary coin.

We have found recently-discovered error coins that been sold on eBay between PS30 to PS50.

Are other coins I have in my change worth it?

Other commemorative coins included in your coin might be worth more like that Beatrix Potter 50p that is currently selling at a price of $800 on ebay.

This Public Libraries 50p isn’t as scarce, however you can still make earn more money through auctions.

Also, check out our list of most rare 50p coins currently in circulation to determine whether you have one.

Edies coin is priced somewhere between PS3.31 or PS3.99 in the eBay store.

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