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Woman is Handed Note from another Diner Who is Urging Her to go


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Singles are seeking romance across the nation, but we are aware that not all dates go smoothly. Also, it’s difficult to identify warning signs and red flags when you are in love with somebody. Hadia was out on coffee dates with a guy, however when he went to the bathroom, the gentleman next to her quickly handed her a note, telling she to run and ‘be safe’.Well one person was hailed as a Hero on the internet following his telling a woman that the man she was going on dating was not a nice sort.The woman was having a romantic evening in the same seat as the man when she received a letter from the guy warning her to stay not to go out with the man she was enjoying coffee with.

There’s no way to know what you can anticipate when you first meet someone and especially when you’re just getting to know someone new – and this story has demonstrated that a private location is the best to go.People on the internet have been praising one man who managed to save a woman who was sitting before him during the coffee shop date.

In a post on Twitter

The woman named Hadia described how a man at a coffee shop gave her the note as her date was leaving to use the bathroom.And she, Hadia posted on her social networks about her experience and shared a photo of the note he gave her as her partner was in the bathroom.

A woman told the moment in which a chance encounter at the coffee shop made her stunned – and she re-thought her date.

After a long period of lockdowns and restrictions on Covid-19, numerous Brits are now heading into bars and coffee shops to meet their first dates.

Hadia responded: “As bright as my red nails.

“It really wasn’t that terrible ….until when he got out of the bathroom.

“Everything that he said following that note was big red warning.”

Another commenter wrote: “If I got that note, I’d have offered him the “appreciate it” head nod and concluded the date earlier.

“Nobody will be able to spot the red flags of a man faster than another.”

The story quickly became all over Twitter and many have applauded the man for notifying Hadia when he sensed something was not right. Hadia’s tweet clearly resonated with a lot of people on social media.

So far, it’s been retweeted more that 36,500 times. It’s also been liked by more than 364,500 Twitter users.

After her newly gained popularity on social media, Hadia also returned to Twitter to provide couple of additional details about what she described as “red flags” that she observed during her date and to ensure that all parties remain unidentified.

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