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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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All Over The Country to Give PS60 to every customer who is who is affected by January’s outage.


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Services were shut down on the 4th of January which left customers in a position to pay bills or collect wages. The issue was causing up to 20000 direct debit transactions to stop. Nationwide has about 15 million customers to boast about, but it there were a few unsatisfied by its latest moves.The situation is it’s not the second occasion that that the society been hit with massive black-outs that only angered customers even more.The reports of service interruptions were confirmed at at least three times in the time since the night of Christmas alone,All Over The Country to Give PS60, while customers attempted to figure out the reason they were not able to access their services.

A few people have revealed their experience that Nationwide payment interruption meant they were left without cash to cover food purchases at the time they needed it the most.In order to keep them in the loop the building society has provided money compensation to those who have been affected.This wouldn’t be the first time and the promises to refunds were offered back in the days before problems began. This was particularly the case with regard to problems before Christmas and when people wanted to go shopping for last minute necessities – only to be confronted by an ineffective payment method.The latest time they’re unhappy with the results they’ve received and they took to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

Some customers have revealed they were sent an PS60 compensation for their problems However, it wasn’t enough in many minds.One of them said: “Leaving me stranded at the checkout whilst not getting access to my own money? PS60? An absolute disgrace. Scandalous.”However, another person, who was in opposition one of them said: “A PS60 apology feels about in line with the inconvenience I suffered when making two transactions (on two different affected dates).”

Nationwide hopes that it would be able to make PS60 payments would compensate for the issues with service as they would like to “ensure nobody has been left out of pocket”.During the outage on January 4 that occurred, the payments to accounts are delayed which caused a already stressful financial month even more challenging.It was impossible for some people to pay their usual standing orders and direct debits as well.

However, Nationwide is confirming that they have already informed and compensated members affected. A spokesperson for the company said: “We apologise for the inconvenience caused,” since it was found that any member who was owed compensation payments would have been contact.If you’ve not received a call however you suspect you’ve been affected by the same issues, this building society asked customers to contact them.

You are able to visit the nearest Branch to discuss any payment issues Contact the 0800 011 phone number or take the same route as many others have took, and contact the building society via Twitter.

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