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Batman’s Height


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With the release on March 4th of Matt Reeves’ The Batman, the caped crusader is stepping back into the popular culture spotlight. The actor who plays the title character this time will be Robert Pattinson, who becomes the seventh actor to play Batman in a live action film. The actors differ in their age, build and height, resulting in many distinct appearances that portray the exact same person over the decades. However, how do the actors compare, physically to the original comic book Batman character? Batman first was introduced as a character in Detective Comics #27, way back in the month of May 1939. Since then, Batman has employed his training in mixed martial arts and gadgets to defeat the criminals in Gotham City. The reason Batman is so popular is that, unlike Superman and Wonder Woman He is a fit person wearing an outfit. It is true that anyone can be Batman. Anyone with spare time can become a criminal and pursue criminals. And a substantial amount of cash to finance the gadgets he has.

DC officially declares Batman as 6 feet two inches in height. The typical height of an adult male is around 5’10”,” this makes Batman more than the average. In addition to the height of the costume’s signature pointed Bat ears, Batman’s height might make him look intimidating in an alleyway that is dark. The first time they met Batman was via Adam West. West was the actor in the popular 1960s TV show. Additionally, in 1966 the actor played Batman for the very first live action movie based on Batman. It was also coincidental that Adam West matched the comic Batman’s height at 6’2”.

Michael Keaton

Babies of the 1980s, including me, often imagine Michael Keaton when someone mentions the Batman films. Keaton was the character Batman in two films: 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns. While Keaton is a cult character for his role but he’s a little shorter than the comic Batman at 5’9″. Keaton is expected to reprise the Batman role in the future DCEU projects. Val Kilmer – Val Kilmer played Batman as Batman in Batman Forever (1995). The film departed from the dark tones utilized in Keaton films, and turned more comic book-like and vibrant. Even the size of the actor has changed the style of the film. Kilmer own height has increased, standing at 6′.

George Clooney

The next film, Batman & Robin (1997) The tone changed from being not so dark to full-on scamp. This time, George Clooney stepped into the part of Batman. While he was not known for his roles in action, Clooney brought his salt and pepper charisma to the character even though it seemed like the character didn’t want to play the role. at 5’11”, Clooney lands between Keaton and Kilmer on the Batman height scale.

Christian Bale

With the new millennium came a new Batman film series. This time, Christian Bale would play the role in three movies – Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008) as well as The Dark Knight Rises (2012). As a possible shift to the more dramatic and dark Batman, Bale became a new step for Batman. Bale is also closer to Batman’s Comic Batman in height at six feet.

Ben Affleck

In 2016 another film by Batman was released in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. This time, Ben Affleck donned the cape and cowl. In a reprise of the role from Justice League and a brief appearance for Suicide Squad, Affleck–erm, Batfleck was met with mixed reviews. But Affleck is also the one actor taller than Batman, the comic Batman. Affleck is 6’4 tall”.

Robert Pattinson

The latest version of Batman is with the help of the beloved quirky Robert Pattinson. The brutal portrayal of Batman takes viewers back to the early conception of Batman. The film heavily draws inspiration from certain of the more intense Batman comics. Pattinson himself is right in the comics’ height of 6’1″.

Batman might be drawn with a 6’2” height however the diversity of males performing Batman illustrates that size isn’t so important to Batman’s character as other factors. A passion for drama as well as the ability to draw Batman’s emotional turmoil and a booming voice in the right time can make the performance lasting or not. The look is nice however, for Batman to be authentic, we require the proper level of brooding.

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