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COUPON: Basic Guide


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A coupon is a type of computer-generated promo code that consists of letters or numbers that will be entered in a promotional box by the consumer available on a shopping site in order to get a discount for the purchase.

It is used in e-commerce and mostly in online shopping for the promotion of products.

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How is it helpful in business?

  • For advertisement of a new product: Coupons are used for the promotion of newly launched products in the market. A company can advertise its product by offering free samples for the first customers. They can offer price-sensitive coupons by using shoppers.
  • For customer’s attention: People usually look for the brands that offer coupons for its product. Resulting in a large number of customers visiting the shop.
  • For Loyalty: In order to buy the loyalty of customers, a branded product or fair price is not always supportive. Coupons play a vital role in getting the loyalty of customers as the discount generates goodwill among customers.
  •  For Maximum Sellout:  When you offer rewards for buying the product next time, there is a high chance that the product will sell out.
  • For Marketing: Offering coupons on products results in high demand for the product. As the demand gets high, the market value of that product also increases.

Disadvantages of Coupons:

  • Providing a discount requires a large amount of money.
  • It can cannibalize revenue by making the customer wait for the coupons.
  • It may reduce the profit on coupon-based items, as the cost does not change.
  • Customers may buy non-discount items usually in food stores.


  1. Percent off Coupons: This type of coupon is used for the exchange of emails through a 15% or more discount for the first purchase.
  2. Free Shipping Coupon: It means free of cost delivery at the mentioned time.Usually, products are ignored due to the cost of delivery.
  3. Free gift with a Purchase: Customers mostly like free items with an order. So it can result in a large number of sales.
  4. Bogo Coupons: With the buy one get one free offer, customers are mostly attracted to the product.
  5. Automatic Coupons: These coupons use codes for the discount that are automatically added to your checkout card.
  6. Gift Card on Purchase: This coupon offers a gift play card to the customers on their purchase.

Where can you find Coupons?

In addition to changing coupon codes offered directly by an online trader, there are a number of websites that track new coupon offers from traders worldwide, similar asCoupons.com, Coupon Cabin, or RetailMeNot. These sites generally aggregate thousands of current, online shopping creation codes in one place. Some sites give the codes for shoppers to copy and paste into the trader’s shopping cart, while others demand you to click on a link from the coupon site to the retail site and have the code applied automatically.

If you want to buy products based on coupons. We provide information about all the sites that offer coupons on our website AI Coupons. Visit our site for more information.

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