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Does Chocolate have a Positive Effect on Your Health?


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Chocolate has a long and distinguished fame. Originated from cocoa, it is the result of cacao beans tree. It was utilized by the oldest Mesoamerican civilizations as a food item as medicine, a ritual offering and maybe even as a money. It’s just as useful in contemporary times. the market for chocolate in the world has grown by 20% between 2016 and 2021, with an estimated amount of $980 billion expected in 2021, according to company that conducts market analysis Statista.The taste is certainly a factor in the popularity of chocolate, but you might also have been told that this delicious chocolate is healthy for your well-being. How does this notion compare to the facts?Does Chocolate have a Positive Effect on Your Health? “Cocoa is clearly good for you,” the Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, a cardiologist and professor of nutrition at the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. “Whether chocolate is good for you or not depends on how much cocoa is actually in it, and what else is in it.

Cocoa beans are stuffed of fiber as well as “loads of phytonutrients,” Mozaffarian declared, referring the organic chemicals that are found in plants. Cocoa is believed to have approximately 380 different chemicals, including the vast category of compounds known as flavanols which have generated a lot of interest in research due to their health-related benefits. However, it’s not clear what amount of flavanols and phytonutrients are required to improve health, or if your chocolate bar has enough of them the job . Experts have divergent opinions regarding this issue.

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate generally contains around 20 percent cocoa Mozaffarian stated, but the amount of cocoa can differ. (The Food and Drug Administration demands that milk chocolate contains at minimum 10% cocoa, however, certain milk chocolate bars can contain more than 50 percent or more.) Dark chocolate generally has higher levels of cocoa than milk chocolate however it is also subject to a wide range of variations when it comes to the label, so be sure to check the expert stated. To maximize advantages for health, Dr. Roos suggests picking dark chocolate that contains at or near 70 percent cocoa.

A number of small, short-term human studies have revealed that dark chocolate, or standard cocoa beverages or cocoa supplements could moderately reduce blood pressure and boost blood cholesterol levels and the blood vessels’ health in adults. Some longer-term study have shown that people who consume more cocoa could be less likely to develop certain heart illnesses, Mozaffarian said.
The systematic overview was, published in February by JAMA Network Open, a Journal JAMA Network Open, Mozaffarian and his coworkers.The research studies only reveal connections between chocolate consumption and health. They can’t demonstrate that chocolate has benefits people who consume more chocolate might differ in different ways that affect the health of their body, Manson said.

The findings of observational studies have been inconclusive. Some studies have not shown any benefits however, while other studies have shown that people who consume chocolate regularly or frequently have a higher risk of gaining weight said. These studies don’t always take into account . To correct these issues, Manson and her colleagues carried out a huge, randomized study that included more than 21,000 people in the United States. Half of participants received the cocoa extract supplement, which contained 500 milligrams of flavanols from cocoa as well as the other half received an placebo. Results from the study, which is known as the COSMOS trial which was published in June by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition .
A large portion of the research which includes her own on the possible health benefits of cocoa and chocolate is supported by chocolate companies like Mars, Manson said. “These trials are expensive,” and funding from the government for studies on nutrition in general is restricted, she said. Research suggests that results from studies funded by the food industry such as those on chocolate are more likely be beneficial to the companies who fund these studies, even however Manson stated that Mars did not participate in the design or analysis of the COSMOS study.

On the other hand, Mozaffarian is persuaded by the research conducted to date that suggests dark chocolate with 70 percent or more cocoa could be beneficial for heart health even though it has less flavanols than those tested in the COSMOS study. “Eating a small amount of dark chocolate every day is probably really good for us, and it will make you happy, because it tastes good,” Mozaffarian stated.

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