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Eurovision: Flo Rida will be part of Senhit on stage to sing for San Marino


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The rapper is featured on the track of singer Senhit Adrenalina which will play in with the semifinals’ 2nd semi final on Thursday.There was doubt prior to the match in Rotterdam regarding whether he’d arrive in the Netherlands however he did arrive via America US in the early hours of Tuesday.In rehearsals the stand-in is singing his lyrics while Italian musician Senhit performs.

This time last year Flo Rida told Radio 1 Newsbeat that he did not have prior knowledge of the contest until being approached to sing his version for the track.

Flo Rida’s appearance in person has now meant that the US chart top spot is helping to promote one of the most tiny nations around the globe.

There are strict guidelines that are in place for all performers and personnel of Eurovision to ensure the event goes smoothly.To take part in the contest, Flo Rida has to be tested every two days for the presence of Covid-19. A negative test results in the singer entry to the arena at Rotterdam where the contest is taking place.In an announcement the rapper referred to the pandemic and stated that his medical team had collaborated together to ensure that he was able to travel to Europe in a safe manner.

Flo Rida had five top five UK singles such as Straight Round, Club Can’t Handle Me, Good Feeling, Bad Boys (with Alexandra Burke) and Troublemaker (with Olly Murs).

The country he’s helping symbolize, San Marino, is the 5th-smallest in the world. It has been a participant ten times in Eurovision.

The highest-ranked place was achieved in the year 2019 the year that it was represented by Serhat placed 19th with his song Say Na Na Na in the grand final.This year’s performer Senhit was previously a representative of his country during the year 2011, but was unable to make it to the final.

Flo Rida, the singer and rapper on their dance-hall bangers that feel good like “Good Feeling”, and ‘Low’ is from Florida and but not San Marino. The reason he’s named Flo Rida. FloRida is a reference to Florida. In contrast to Sanmar Ino or something else.

There’s no law that you must represent the country that you represent. So why it’s not a good idea to make Flo Rida (one of the most streamed musicians in the globe) be a representative of one the smallest nations in Europe?

It must be what happened to San Mario’s rep, Senhit (who is actually Italian however, she represents San Marino this year, as she did the same in 2011,) when she spoke to Flo Rida regarding a possible appearance at the event.

Unfortunately, Flo Rida couldn’t turn on time for the first heat due to conflicts to his scheduled. According to Variety, he was judged an event for bikinis.

The possibility of Flo Rida appearing on Eurovision became apparent this week when he showed to Rotterdam (this years host city) to perform in the semi-final.

In the semi-finals, he joined Senhit on the stage. In denim shorts, shades and a leather vest the crooner was all smiles and danced while delivering bars using his famous flo(w rida).

The pair made it through the semi-finals and be focused on winning the final scheduled for Saturday May 22. They’re among the most likely winners. We’ll just hope that there aren’t any bikini contests that require judging!

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