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Fridge-freezer Prices Up


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The costs of fridges as well as freezers and dishwashers have risen by about a third from the previous year and are expected to rise further according to the head of an online retailer of white goods says.Nick Glynne from Buy It Direct which is the owner of Appliances Direct was blamed for Covid locks in China and shortages of supplies and the sky-high cost of shipping.Fridge-freezer Prices Up.Amdea, an association of UK trade association for appliance makers reported that wholesale prices were up by nine per cent over the course of three months.

The retailers AO World as well as Currys have also stated that their prices had been affected.It’s happening as the cost of living in Britain increases at the fastest rate ever since the year 1992. This is despite both petrol and energy costs rising.Mr. Glynne stated that Appliances Direct is a company that he claims is a 8% share in the UK Appliance market, had been faced with higher wholesale costs , which the company was forced to pass on to customers

If you take a look at an enormous American fridge freezer, which we import from China Pre-Covid, which cost about PS12 to transport, PS12 door-to-door from a factory located in northern China across the UK and would require about six months to deliver.

There are no bargains if you wait

In November, the rival retailer of electrical goods AO World announced that prices had increased by 10-12 percent due to demand chain tensions.A spokesperson said to that to the BBC that on the Tuesday of this week: “There are inflationary pressures on the market, such as transportation costs, input materials prices , and inflation in consumer prices which affects the cost of electrical goods. We don’t anticipate that to change over the course of the remainder of the year.”

Lara Brittain, white goods category director at Currys stated: “We are seeing increased costs , with logistics being the biggest problem, but supply of materials for raw and parts is also a factor.

“We cooperate closely with our suppliers to ensure we give our customers the most value for their money, however there are some repercussions to the productThe warnings of Mr Glynne follow findings from the February of this year’s Price comparison website Price Runner, which found that prices for electronic and white goods had increased by more than 50% in only two years.

The report said that the cost for a washing machine was up 46 percent, or PS152, from January to February of 2022 and a tumbler at PS70.

The study of hundreds of items, revealed that certain items, like dishwashers, have slowed down a little.

The bulky white goods are manufactured in China However, Mr Glynne stated that recent lockdowns in cities such as Shanghai have impacted factories, which made it more difficult for UK to procure items.He also said that the industry were facing a growing shortage of essential materials like electrical steel, partly due to the Ukraine conflict, and shipping costs for freight remained excessive due to the pandemic.

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