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Grime’s star Bugzy Malone claims he’s “bleeding on his brain” in a new rap about the quad bike crash


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Manchester grime singer Bugzy Malone has dropped his latest rap, in which he claims that the singer has “bleeding on his brain” following a quad-bike crash in Bury the city of his birth. He was “lucky to live”. The 29-year-old was driving an SUV with three wheels along Rochdale Road earlier in the year, when it was involved in a crash in a collision with another car.

Bugzy who’s actual name was Aaron Davis, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries as a result of the incident, which occurred at 9.20pm on the 25th of March.

The following Monday the singer posted a freestyle rap that described the incident from his point of view and on crutches in an Instagram post on the Twitter page of @TheBugzyMalone.The lyrics read: “When the car pulled out, I knew we were going to crash. “And when my life was to flash I was completely blacked out.

It’s true that I don’t consider myself a celebrity. However, if you’re in a position like this, and you’re supposed to be famous or not, you have the option of getting going with the flow and act like’safe boys’ or even entertain the crowd a little since you know it will bring joy to your day.

“So I’m flying by their car So they’re buzzing they’re snapping with me because they’ve got something interesting to discuss. Within a few minutes I’m riding as normal at the moment, and a car was pulling out. And it came out slow , and was hard-stopping.

“I realized there was no stoppingme, I was certain I’d crash. I’ve had a few crashes. It’s like ‘no!'”And I’m on a bicycle It’s not a buggy or automobile. I’m in the process of falling off, and I’ve tried to get around him, but I struck the road.

The singer with the real name Aaron Davis, says he was speeding to entertain’ people who caught his attention just prior to the crash.

The crowd was’snapping’ their conversation with Bugzy at around 10 or 15 minutes afterwards, when he was on his bike normally The rapper reveals that the car pulled out’ and ‘came out at a slow pace’, before coming to a difficult stop’.At the moment, he claims”I knew there was an end to the road’, and it was a ‘knowing that he would crash’, MEN report.

Grime’s Star Bugzy Malone recently spoke about the time he nearly lost his life after a quad bike crash and the road to recovery.The 29-year-old singer was believed to have been recently living in Ramsbottom and had a fatal crash on a tricycle which forced him to fight to survival.Bugzy suffered injuries in the crash with a vehicle earlier this year. He was transported to hospital with severe injuries.

Bugzy claims he was convinced that he was bleeding and attempted to climb out of the way and, in the process the knee cap was snipped into half’.He states he was ‘thinking I’m dying’ when witnesses were telling him to’stay with us’.”I remember wiggling my legs to check whether I had broken my back. Then I thought, okay my legs are moving so my back isn’t damaged,” said Bugzy.

“Then I see the blood that was getting around my head, and I realize, ‘oh it’s not true I’m bleeding out.'”I attempted to leap up but I cut my knee cap in half , so I fell down. I’m unable to move, and people try to tell you to”stay with us.'”When people speak like that you’re thinking,’s**t! I’m dying.’

“So you’re like”OK, cool, and then you need be willing to take these facts into consideration. “Me am a huge believer in”the law of attraction. Also I believe that if you visualize it in your mind exactly how it’s going to happen, that’s the way it’s going to happen. “Then while you’re stuck in the situation it’s not clear as you’re in the middle of it. And then , I’m just thinking about the ambulance’s arrival and it took one hour.”

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