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The latest news about high rise invasion season 2:


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The latest news about season 2 of high-rise invasion i.e high rise invasion season 2.

The animated series is about Yuri Hong, a high school student who finds out she’s been transported into this world of aliens.

In search of her brother Rika who was taken to the realm of the dead and taken to the realm of evil, she should make every effort to avoid getting hurt by those wearing masks.

The show has received a lot of favorable reviews since its debut The critics have been praising the show’s quick animation and interesting plot. There are already rumors of a new season. We’ve found out more about it


With her newly-acquired manipulative abilities, Yuri eliminated Swimmer Mask and then tapped Great Angel’s abilities to place him in charge as a closer to God. Rika and Yuri however, on the other hand were recognized as brothers as well as sisters by Mamoru. When Mamoru confronts Yuri and he receives an emotional reaction from Rika. Yuri promises to locate her brother and eradicate this evil kingdom at the conclusion of the first season.

If viewers are able to get beyond Aikawa, they could be confronted with God candidates that are more danger in comparison to Great Angel Mask. Although Yuri is the one who controls Kuon’s Great Angel Mask, Yuri as well as Kuon have proven that they’re worthy potential gods. Rika’s search for answers may be a part the second season of High Rise Invasion

Will there be a second Part of It?

The initial season of the animation series premiered via Netflix in February 2021. Even though the first season of High Rise Invasion came out just over a year ago no one from Netflix or the creators of the show have revealed anything about the upcoming season.

High Rise Invasion Season 2 was not renewed. According to the most recent update the first time that shows were viewed on television was in February 2021. Netflix hasn’t issued any official announcements regarding the return.

In the second series, the research of Rika continue. Yuri will also find new talents and learn whom the experts are as well as their director when they unveil their personalities.

If viewers can make it past Aikawa the possibility is that they will have to confront God candidates that are more powerful that Great Angel Mask. Even with Yuri’s control of his control of the Great Angel Mask, Yuri Kuon as well as Kuon have proven themselves as strong contenders for the title of god.

The second season of High Rise Invasion might include Rika’s quest for answers. Yuri might be given new capabilities. In the next season, the genius of the game and its administrators could be revealed


Are there trailers for the High-Rise Invasion season 2. No. Netflix has not yet announced its plans for the sequel season. We do not have any trailers yet. We’ll notify you as soon as it is released.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, here’s the trailer.

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