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Latin America lacks decent sex education in its schools


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Two 14-year-olds at Jesus and Mary College, which is a Roman Catholic girls school in Buenos Aires, squirm as they discuss their classes on sexuality. In the past, they have learned about the importance of fertility and sexual organs (“It was extremely painful!” says one). In this term, they’ve been talking about what it takes to prepare for birth however they aren’t certain what else they’ll be learning. Latin America lacks decent sex education in its schools. Teachers refused to respond to some of the questions their students were permitted to write anonymously. “They declared that it was inappropriate to discuss it at schools, but we could inquire from our families about questions about these issues,” recalls the other.

The gender education system is a patchwork all over Latin America, a mostly Catholic continent. While every administration in the region informs schools to educate their students about the birds and bees however, many schools fail to accomplish this. A survey conducted in 2020 in Brazil found that just a quarter of teachers had been trained on how to speak to their students about sexual sex. “We teach ourselves through our own passion,” says Vicky Fernandez Blanco who is a teacher at a nursery school in Argentina who instructs her pupils how to get permission before hugging someone and other things like that.

A former teacher at a middle school has downloaded and had access to hundreds of porn videos for children According to the authorities in Missouri. In the meantime, Scott Ellis has been charged with six counts of possessing pornographic material for children, police said. According to the St. Louis County Police Department stated that they received an informational call coming from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children concerning Ellis’ Google account. Investigators discovered hundreds of videos of porn for children on Ellis’ Google and Mega cloud storage accounts, as per the probable cause statement. Police say the man, who is 36 years old who lives in St. Louis, is believed to have downloaded the videos between October. 4th, 2021 between Oct. 4, 2021, and October. 4 2022. Some of the videos which showed infants as young as and containing names of minor victims, police said.

The teacher was employed by Rogers Middle School between August 2019 to May 2022, as per Affton School District. The teacher did not work for the school district during this academic year. In a letter to McClatchy News the spokesperson for that the district learned of his “potential inappropriate behavior” in the middle of this month. District officials began an investigation and filed a complaint with the state’s Division of Children’s Services. “We are extremely concerned by any reports that suggest an employee from the past could have engaged in unacceptable behavior,” the district said. “Our schools are places where students can be able to feel secure, and we treat any allegations of misconduct from an employee, ex- or current, very seriously.Latin America lacks decent sex education in its schools.  Although federal and state confidentiality laws restrict districts from disclosing private information regarding students or staff members It is vital for our community and families to know that we’re committed to the security and well-being of everyone Affton students and will continue to be so moving into the future.”

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