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Modern Violin Music that Will Inspire You


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Modern violin music refers to music that was composed between the 20th and the present. When we refer to the continuation of classical music, and not pop music, we often call it contemporary music. Because of its important role in orchestral music, the violin is often associated with classical music. The violin is also an important part folk music! It has been used in many genres throughout its history, including pop, rock, metal and electronic music. You may not realize how often the violin is used. Sometimes you may not have noticed a part of the violin in a piece. It’s most likely because the violin was used as part of the orchestra or in the background. There are many well-known musicians, whether they are solo artists or part of musical groups.

What is the role of the violin in modern music?

Modern music can have the violin play a brief solo or as background music. You might also find cover versions of popular songs on a violin, and contemporary compositions that use a solo violin or a string quartet. What is the Difference Between Modern Violin Music and Classical Music? It is almost identical in classical and modern music. However, there are many aspects that can make the difference.

Modern music has the violin playing solo, accompanying, or filling in for a few seconds. However, it is very rare for it to be the entire song. Sometimes you will only receive the chords or the melodies. For the most part, the songs are more simple than classical pieces. The instrumentation is also very different. Guitar and drums are the mainstay.

More acceptable are slurs and folk-oriented ornaments.

Modern violin music can be played either with an acoustic or an electric pick. You may experience effects such as distortion, delay, octaver and other undesirable effects. These effects are quite common. It will also be more acceptable to play such songs at parties.

What Popular Songs Use a Violin?

Let’s first take a closer look to pop music. Revolver, the Beatles’ first album, was released in 1966. This marked the beginning of their experimental phase. “Eleanor Rigby,” uses a double-string quartet that George Martin arranged. “Dust in the Wind”, a 1977 release by Kansas, a progressive rock band. This song became their most popular. Robby Steinhardt also plays the viola in a beautiful solo.

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