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Nik Naks Crisps Retro Flavour has returned after 14 years, but people say it’s not the right One


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Nik Naks Crisps first entered our homes in 1981. They’re produced through KP Snacks, the company that’s best known for its peanuts in its packs.Nice spicy and Rib Saucy are among the most popular flavors, however some might have lost track of some earlier,Nik Naks Crisps Retro Flavour,alternatives.Scampi and Lemon flavor The Nik Naks were initially released in the 1990s, however they were removed in the year 2008.

The flavour was cut to make way for Pickle and’ Onion that did not last long.

On Facebook’s Food Discovers UK group one user revealed that a specific brand of crisps was set to reintroduce a popular flavor. It’s the Scampi ‘n’ lemon flavoured Nik Naks crisps were phased out 14 years ago, in 2008 to make way for a different flavor that was popular, Pickle ‘n’ Onion and was later eliminated. While the lime packets can be bought in multipacks in this particular flavor cannot be bought individually, EdinburghLive reports.

The page on Facebook shared the information and added: “Nik Naks Scampi & Lemon are back this week at grocery stores! Be sure to keep your eyes emoji] on the lookout thanks to treatsinstore for sharing the announcement.The post garnered hundreds of likes as well as hundreds of comments. Under the photo’s awe-inspiring image the shoppers expressed their excitement about the announcement.Fans may also be familiar with Cream and Cheesy Nik Naks and the limited edition Naughty and Saucy flavor that was launched to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The famous green bags that contain Scampi ‘n’ Lemon Naks are scheduled to appear on the shelves again according to Facebook Group Snack News & Reviews.

Fans are split and some believe Nik Naks has brought back the wrong flavor.

The blog post that announced that the snack that is savoury has garnered over 800 comments – and it appears that a lot of people would prefer the return of a cheese-based option instead.The popular corn snack began in the market under the brand name Crunchy Wotsits. It was the first time it was available in cheese flavor. They are now part of the KP Snacks brand as part of the European Intersnack Group. Presently, Nik Naks are made available in three flavors with distinct packaging colors for each one flavor – Nice and Spicy with an orange package, Rib ‘n’ Saucy in a purple box and Scampi and Lemon in a green package.

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