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Purple aki: Found lurking Around Hull


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Urban legend claims that a man stalked and harassed young men around St Helens, Merseyside. According to some reports, he approached youths at rugby and gymns and asked them to feel their muscles. Purple aki is also known for carving his initials into the buttocks of young men and performing naughts-and-crosses with them using a knife.

Arobieke claims he was running from Arobieke, when he was electrocuted along a railway line in Wirral.

Two years later, the muscle obsessive was convicted for manslaughter. However, judges ruled that he hadn’t acted illegally at a later time.

He was released in 2006 from prison for harassment, indecent assault and was given a 10-year ban on touching other people’s bodies and asking them to squat.

Arobieke was photographed in Manchester, grabbing a young man’s muscle while he was lurking around.

The Bogeyman

Akinwale Arobieke, a northern Manchester native, was born 15 July 1961. Arobieke was first known by his nickname ‘Purple Aki. Aki gradually gained fame in the North-West England and North Wales due to his bizarre compulsion.

Before the death of Gary Kelly in 1980, Aki was almost mythological. In the 1980s, Aki was often seen asking young rugby players to touch their muscles.

The great man

Teenagers shared stories about a man asking to feel your muscles. Sometimes, Aki would also ask for your blood. Aki would often be seen traveling between northern train stations carrying his plastic bag. Akinwale Arobieke was known for his inexplicable behavior with young rugby players throughout the 1980s. He would ask for their hands, make them squat and offer advice on exercise.

Arobieke maintained that his actions were innocent. However, in 1986, he was found guilty for involuntary murderer after Gary Kelly, 16, electrocuted himself along the Wirral railway line while running from Arobieke.

He claimed that the officers had launched a ‘campaign against him’, making false allegations about him harassing a detective superintendent. This culminated in him being charged and prosecuted.

Arobieke today said of his win, “This has been an ordeal since the beginning of the allegations against my and the many years that have elapsed since my civil action was closed.

It has caused me great anxiety and upset. I would like to publicly thank Lee Massingham, James Murray solicitors, and Stephen Simblet QC of Garden Court North Chambers. They were instrumental in my case being pursued and securing me an important settlement from GMP

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