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Raffaele Riva’s Unique Approach to the Business World and Getting Things Done


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A native of Switzerland, Raffaele Riva has grown to become a global business leader with a truly international purview. He attended college in Spain, earning an undergraduate degree in economics with honors from Milan’s Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. He went on to become a Qualified Accountant with a Spanish Dottore Commercialista degree and complete Swiss post-graduate programs at the Canton Ticino Management Business School and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland. Raffaele Riva currently holds dual citizenship in Switzerland and Italy and speaks fluent French and Italian, and English.

Mr. Riva established himself as a senior executive and a strategic advisor with a variety of multinational business conglomerates. In 2008, he went into business for himself, establishing the global AUREA Multi Family Office. As a co-owner and partner in AUREA, he oversees a number of regulated companies and financial institutionsg Aurea Wealth Management in Lugano, Switzerland; UREA Family Business Sarl in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg; and Milano Fiduciaria in Milan, Italy.

Raffaele Riva’s areas of expertise range from international finance and corporate restructuring to trust real estate and both tax and banking law. As the head of AUREA, he oversees a team of highly qualified strategic administrators and associates with skills in specialized areas that include wealth planning and management, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border business activity, and sport finance.

Raffaele Riva recently opened up about his guiding business philosophies and his advice for other business owners in the business section of the major news provider North East Connected.

Perhaps surprisingly for a man who made his fortune in finance, Raffaele Riva doesn’t measure success in terms of monetary wealth. Rather, he values positive thinking and self-assuredness. “A person who is rich is not scared of being poor,” he says. 

This wisdom of this philosophy has served Raffaele Riva well in countless professional situations. From dealing with a lack of cash flow to making a major investment in growth, the average business leader faces anxiety on all sides. Although he recognizes that it isn’t always easy, Riva insists that thinking positively about a bad situation is the only way to overcome anxiety and find true success. Otherwise, there is little to prevent you from surrendering to your fears, giving up, and accepting defeat.

In addition to staying positive himself, Raffaele Riva surrounds himself with like-minded team members. Paraphrasing Albert Einstein, he presents his one of his favorite pieces of advice as “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.”

The bold fearlessness that Raffaele Riva embraces takes many different forms. Sometimes, it means having the courage and fortitude to say “no.” One of the biggest lessons in his professional career came when Riva said “yes” to the wrong investors, causing his business to grow far too quickly. “I committed to too many opportunities and projects with too many business partners,” he says. “Some of them have proved to be the wrong choice and the rapid growth was like cancer.”

Beyond the pure power of confidence and positive thinking, Raffaele Riva credits his sheer commitment to hard work and getting things done as a key driver of his success. Unsurprising for a proven leader who has accomplished so much, Raffaele Riva has a lot to say when it comes to maximizing productivity.

“I have a daily journal noting down the various activities that have to be done during the day,” says Raffaele Riva. “My typical day depends also upon what type of meetings and clients I have to meet during the day, rather than the achievement I have to reach. I plan my meetings and appointments with wide advance to make the productive day and not to waste time.”

Working from morning to night, Raffaele Riva takes the time to explore every opportunity for growth and safeguard against failure. Advising other business owners to stay up to date on all relevant industry trends, he recommends a broad business purview to catch any issues that might affect your particular business operations. As the North East Connected puts it, “[Riva] encourages entrepreneurs to constantly evaluate situations from different angles and to make decisions that honor their own values and intentions.”

Learn more about Raffaele Riva: https://www.eurosport.co.uk/football/raffaele-riva_prs398685/person.shtml

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