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Even Ryanair claims that its hand luggage regulations make the process of boarding chaotic


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The process of boarding an Ryanair flight can be more complicated than it needs to be. The changes that were that were made in the last year to reduce the chaos could have caused more chaos and the airline that is budget admits. What happens in the next few days? First, a quick baggage policy history lesson. Ryanair has recently changed its baggage policy, requiring the biggest of the two passengers’ carry-on bags free of charge upon arrival. Unsurprisingly, it has caused another form of quietly enraged chaos at airports. As per The Guardian, CEO Michael O’Leary isn’t pleased. “It has created problems with handling, especially in peak times. Ryanair claims that its hand luggage regulations, There are many flights on which we’re currently having to place 100 or 120 bags for gate entry at no cost in the hold. If the situation continues to grow this is something we might be forced to examine again.”

As part of the previous change, Ryanair tweaked the rules for hold luggage as well as for carry-on luggage. Customers who paid for hold luggage were charged less and the cost dropped to PS35 to PS25 and allowed to carry the bag to carry more weight. To carry on, Ryanair has stopped allowing passengers bring two bags to board including a compact wheelie case and laptop case, even though the larger bag was checked no charge at the gatewhich is why the queue for boarding chaos. For those who can’t bear to leave their wheelie bag are able to pay PS5 to get “Priority Boarding”, which allows two bags to carry as before. Ryanair said in the past it believed that the combination of greater weight allowances for checked bags and lower costs for hold bags together with the limits for in-cabin luggage will encourage passengers to pay for the privilege of checking their bags. According to Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair’s chief marketing officer, said that time “This can speed the process of boarding flights as well as reduce delays due to not having enough overhead cabin space on flights that are busy to hold more than 360 bags for carry-ons”. But it’s not working. Instead it has worsened the issue — which is why it’s a surprise. The PS5 “priority” cost is still lower than PS25 to place it on hold. Passengers have the ability to do the math.

There has to be an alternative, since everyone is unhappy with the current system that is used, from gate personnel, cabin crews to airports that are experiencing delays in turnaround times. “The business travelers hate waiting for baggage, and the possibility of not getting their baggage at the airport, and all the consequences and low-cost travelers just want to avoid any additional costs that come with the cheap flight,” explains Tilmann Gabriel Director of the Aviation Management program in City, University of London. “There is a limited amount of space in the cabin and baggage is not able to sit around it must be stored in the bins or under the seat. The cabin crew is faced with the issue of finding the space in order to prevent delays since any offloading will be susceptible.”

The most obvious solution to the issue is to re-bundle baggage hold into cost for the flight, suggests Nick Coleman, course leader of the London Metropolitan University’s airport, airline and management of aviation BSc. Ryanair claims that its hand luggage regulations, However, don’t think that will be the case because neither party would like to do it. “The only way to completely eliminate it is to use the old method of making the price all included,” Coleman says. “But evidently, the main point is the cheap price. That’s the reason they buy Ryanair.”

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