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Women are in their House of Commons of the United Kingdom


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In the realms of politics and society in the UK in the past, women have been marginalized. In recent times the proportion of women has increased, but the majority of times, men are underrepresented, particularly in high-ranking positions.This report contains statistics about various posts in UK public and political life which are which are held by women. Statistics on the demographic characteristics of different groups of workers is usually limited and therefore it’s impossible to include an inter-sectional analysis (such for disabled women).The gender representation of women within parliament in House of Commons of the United Kingdom has been an issue in the political life in this country United Kingdom at numerous points during both the 21st and 20th century. The debate was initially focused on the right of women to vote and to stand for election as members of Parliament. In 1918, the Parliament (Qualification of Women) Act 1918 gave women older than 21 years of age the right to run to be elected as member of Parliament. It is believed that the United Kingdom has had three female Premier ministers: Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990), Theresa May (2016-2019) and the current Liz Truss (2022).

UK Parliament and Government

There are currently 225 female MPs who are in the House of Commons. With 35 percent, it is a record-setting high. The proportion of women rose slowly , until it exploded in 1997, which is shown in the graph below.

Since 1918 since 1918, 559 women were appointed to Parliament’s House of Commons; 55 percent were elected first as Labour MPs, and 31% were elected as Conservatives.There exist 229 female members in the House of Lords, making up 28%.Seven ministers of the current Cabinet (33 percent) are females. The highest percentage of Cabinet women was 36% from 2006 and 2007.

Devolved legislatures as well as local government

43% of members from the Welsh Parliament are women, and so are 46 percent from the Scottish Parliament, and 37 percent of the Northern Ireland Assembly.About 41 percent of councillors from local authorities in England are female. 26 percent of councillors in Northern Ireland are women, 35% of them in Scotland and 28 percent in Wales.52 percent of the those in The London Assembly are women.

Comparisons across countries

In February 2022 there were 10 women who were Head of State, and 14 of them as Heads of Government. With 34 percent The UK is 45th in terms of the percentage of women who are in parliament’s lower (or the only) chamber of parliament at the time in February 2022. Rwanda has more than 61%. Cuba also has over 61%. Cuba and Nicaragua are also home to a majority female in their parliaments. 41 percent of MEPs selected in this year’s European Parliament elections were women. After the change in seats because of Brexit the majority of MEPs were female by February 2020.

Life in the public

The percentage of women working serving in public positions has grown over the last years. The most recent statistics show that the majority of public positions included women, as did 54 percent of civil servants, 34 percent of judges, 11 percent in the Armed Forces 77 percent of NHS employees as well as 86 percent of primary and nursery school teachers, and 32 percent from police officials.

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