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You can adopt the elements of a Turkish shaving cream at home


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What does a Turkish barber do?

Turkish barbers can provide the ultimate luxury shaving experience with the hot towel shave. Turkish barbers are highly skilled in their craft, so you can expect precision and a wonderful feeling on your skin. A trip to the Turkish barber shop is something every man should experience at least once.

What is a Turkish Barber?

Turkish barbers are a special type of barber who often offers additional services to men in addition to traditional hairdressing such as:

* Hot towel shaving

* Beard trimming

* Naal hair waxing

* Singeing fine hair

* Massage

How does a Turkish shaving feel?

You can be left feeling shaved in Turkey.

* A baby-soft, smooth face

* Feeling relaxed and pampered

* Feeling the best version of yourself

What is a Turkish shaving?

Turkish barbers will use steam to open your pores and remove any dirt, oil, or bacteria. To thoroughly clean your skin, the barber will wrap it in a towel. This will allow you to enjoy a close, clean shave. Before shaving cream is applied (either foam or gel), you will be given a close shave using a straight razor. Use another towel to dry your face and get rid of any remaining shaving cream. After shaving, you can massage your face with aftershave. This will leave your skin feeling nourished, fresh, and smelling wonderful. To determine if a man is ready to become a barber, he would have to pass a series of practical exams. Barbers were not permitted to become angry. It does sound like an old-school story, doesn’t? Turkiye still has that same mentality. Barbering is a highly respected profession. This is due to several reasons. Turkiye schoolchildren often work with a master Turkish barber in the holidays. The child is no longer considered an apprentice at this stage. He begins to learn under the supervision of his master.

The master will accept the skill of the child as a barber and allow him to become an apprentice. It takes him many years to master his craft. If he doesn’t believe the child is capable, he will inform the family.

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